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We’ll help you make the most of your services.

We’ll help you make the most of your SocietyWorks services to reduce customer service tasks and improve your response times.

Our services are already extremely user-friendly — both for members of the public making reports, and for the council staff who see those reports through to fulfilment.

That said, it’s good to ensure that you’re making the most of every feature. That’s why we offer free training for your staff, when you opt for the Silver or Gold tiers.

Training Plans


Training workshop for up to 12 staff – usually across two or three sessions – covering admin, setup, customer service workflow, and performance reporting.


Training workshop for up to 40 staff – usually across five or six sessions – covering admin, setup, customer service workflow, performance reporting and inspection services.

Staff working from home? No problem.

As a remote organisation, we’re fully equipped to deliver meaningful training online. Via state of the art remote working technology, we’ll ensure your team can learn the ropes on the same machines they’ll be using to access our services each day — even if they’re working from home.

Small groups for maximum progress

We train up to eight members of staff per session, so that we can give full attention to each person, dealing with individual issues or questions as they arise. Each session takes two hours, and we can run up to three sessions per day.

Training will be tailored to staff roles (i.e. customer service officers, inspectors, superadmin, etc). We can train all types of staff at once, but if practical, and if you have multiple workshops booked, it’s very helpful to have staff who will hold the same role in the same session.

Become experts

During the training, you’ll learn about:

Admin and setup

  • Creating staff accounts and logins
  • Making template responses
  • Specifying report types
  • Creating priority flags
  • Defining access by area and/or issue
  • Setting up and using alerts
  • Integrating with other council systems

Customer service workflow

  • The report journey
  • Locating specific reports
  • Updating, editing or moderating a report
  • Changing a report’s state
  • Hiding reports or reporter’s name
  • Making and editing updates
  • Reporting on behalf of someone else
  • Viewing all reports

Performance reporting

  • Using the dashboard to understand your council’s report frequency
  • Tracking average fulfilment times
  • Specifying custom reporting requirements
  • Integration with other reporting systems

Additionally, inspectors will learn how to:

  • Create a shortlist
  • Update the status of an issue

There’ll also be plenty of time for asking questions and discussing any issues specific to your council.

What you’ll need

Each member of staff will need access to whichever of our services you’re adopting via a computer terminal with an internet connection.

Participants should bring the necessary equipment to take notes, either by hand or on their computer — either way, they will need to access these notes for reference in the coming weeks.

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