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Easily manage missed bins, new container requests, paid-for collections, bin day checks and more.

We’ve applied our unstinting focus on usability to bins, rubbish and bulky or green garden waste.

With an online customer-centred workflow that handles everything from missed bin reports to paid-for collections.

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What is WasteWorks?

WasteWorks is the secure, user-centred domestic waste management service for local authorities that integrates with your in-cab systems to simplify citizen access to all aspects of waste online.

Online waste management that’s not rubbish

WasteWorks reduces operating costs for councils, creates revenue, helps with channel shift and provides a better citizen experience.

Bin day checks

Intelligently display nuanced, time-sensitive information based on the citizen’s location. Handle bank holidays and other service pauses with ease.

New container requests

Let citizens self-serve requests for any type of new bin or container; check citizens meet your requirements and keep them up to date on drop-off timings.

Online bulky and green garden waste payments

Generate income through integration with the payment system of your choice to handle new subscriptions, renewals and direct debits for bulky or green garden waste.

Assisted collections

Take requests for assisted collections from citizens who need support from your waste crew to wheel their bins to and from the kerbside.

Handle offline requests, too

Type new requests directly into the system on behalf of citizens phoning in or making face-to-face visits.

Full integration with in-cab systems

Streamline your workflow and improve how data is shared between all of your software systems.

Why waste management teams love WasteWorks

Achieve cost savings through channel shift

Reduce demand on customer service centres with an online reporting system that anyone can use.

Open and transparent service

Manage expectations and improve the customer journey with templated responses and automatic updates.

Make payments easier

Take payments and set up direct debits for bulky or green garden waste goods all in one system.

Understand patterns and trends

Track service levels and identify trends with internal dashboards and visual heatmaps.

Works with your existing services

Seamless integration with any and all of your in-cab software systems that improves how data is shared.

Prioritise accessibility

Rest assured that your service meets the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Citizen dashboard

A place where citizens can see all their reports across all SocietyWorks products, including FixMyStreet Pro.

Under continual development

Benefit from our continual development roadmap in consultation with clients and users.

“It’s always a pleasure working with SocietyWorks. They have a robust understanding of both the citizen and the local authority’s needs and take a very collaborative approach to product development.”

Co-designed with councils

WasteWorks has been developed in collaboration with Bromley Council and tested against a different operating system at Peterborough City Council.

Here’s what Jonathan Richards, Technical Support Team Manager at Bromley had to say about WasteWorks:

“Bromley Council have been working in partnership with SocietyWorks for our online reporting for the street scene since 2012, so when we were looking at developing our online offering for Waste Services reporting, approaching SocietyWorks for their expertise was a natural fit.

A discovery session with one of SocietyWorks’ designers allowed us to scope out our specifications and to discuss how we could structure and overcome challenges, as well as bring in SocietyWorks’ experience in focussing on the citizen’s journey through the process and resulted in a clickable demo.

SocietyWorks provide a dedicated project manager and developer for each project, and with regular catch-up sessions and communication through Basecamp, all stakeholders are able to keep up-to-speed and feed in where’s needed. The SocietyWorks team are flexible and responsive to feedback and tweaking, so you really feel the product evolve.

Bromley have also introduced a second phase into the project looking at bringing our Green Garden Waste subscription service online and adding the additional challenges of integrating with the backend financial system, offering both debit card and direct debit payment options and subscription reminders.”

Jason Dalby, ICT Project Manager at Peterborough City Council added:

“It’s always a pleasure working with SocietyWorks. They have a robust understanding of both the citizen and the local authority’s needs and take a very collaborative approach to product development. This includes open discussions on their product roadmap with exciting enhancements being released regularly.”

WasteWorks features

Whatever your existing set-up, WasteWorks will fit right in. We’ll hook it up to do everything you need — without adding unnecessary complexity to your workflow.

Structured reporting windows

Only allow citizens to report missed bins within time frames specified by you.

Self-service requests

Reduce the burden on your customer service team by offering a digital system that’s easy for citizens to use.

Take payments online

Maximise income by making it easy for citizens to pay for bulky waste collections or set up green garden waste subscriptions and renewals.

Responsive web app

Designed for optimal display on desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

Single sign-on

Integrate with an authentication method such as Active Directory or Google to offer single sign-on for citizens and officers.

One place for all reports

Everything is under one roof, if you have one of our other services (eg FixMyStreet Pro), your citizens will be able to view all their reports made in one place.


Seamless integration with in-cab systems (eg Alloy, Veolia/Echo and Bartec).

Performance dashboard

Extract report data by ward, status, category and date as a CSV as well as analyse data in a real time heatmap.

Open standards compliant

Support the landscape of service providers through one open interface, using Open311.

Supports Government services

Incorporates government services such as GOV.UK Notify.

Optional bolt-on services

Provide easy online services around noise, dropped kerbs/HBar applications, skips/scaffold licences and insurance claims.

Customer contact operatives

To help with channel shift, a CRM workflow is available to manage reports taken by phone or email.

Our experience, your brand

Branded to complement your existing online services and website.

GDPR & Security

Fully compliant, fully pen tested data protection and privacy. See our website for our Business Continuity and security policies.

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