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One integrated and intuitive digital front door to local authority residential waste services.

Simplify access to all aspects of residential waste online and reduce unnecessary contact.

Designed for local authorities in collaboration with Bromley Council.

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What is WasteWorks?

WasteWorks is a user-centred front-end residential waste portal, designed in collaboration with Bromley Council for local authorities. The solution simplifies access to all aspects of waste online by integrating with in-cab systems and payment providers, bringing everything together to improve the user experience and reduce unnecessary contact to the council.

WasteWorks a residential waste portal

“WasteWorks has enabled Sutton Council to provide a seamless and much improved online experience for Sutton residents. SocietyWorks has been extremely sensitive to our needs as an organisation and worked tirelessly to provide the authority with solutions in a very short timeframe that benefit the borough as a whole.”

— Paul Brockwell, Interim Head of Waste and Street Cleaning at Sutton Council

Features for residents

Check bin collection days

Residents can self-serve up-to-date information about all waste collections associated with their property’s address, including upcoming collections, previous collections and planned changes to schedules.

Download collection schedules

Collection schedules can be downloaded to any device’s calendar. The schedule will automatically update whenever you make any changes, such as for bank holidays.

Report problems

From broken containers to missed collections, allow residents to report a problem with a waste collection to you online and keep them informed on resolutions.

Request new or extra containers

Take requests for any type of new bin or container, check the requester meets your requirements and keep them informed on the progress of their request, including drop-off timings.

Bulky and green garden waste subscriptions

Enable residents to pay for, renew or cancel a bulky or green garden waste subscription all from within the same workflow, facilitated by integrations with your in-cab and payment systems.

Small items collections

Let residents book a slot for any small item collection services you provide. Requests go straight into your integrated management system. Payments can be incorporated if needed.

Assisted collection requests

Take requests for assisted collections from residents who need support from your waste crew to wheel their bins to and from the kerbside.

User friendly interface

WasteWorks is optimised to work smoothly on any device and is WCAG 2.2 AA compliant, making it as simple to use as possible for everyone.

We work with

Bromley Borough Council
Peterborough City Council
Sutton Council
Kingston upon Thames Council
Sutton Council
Bexley Council

Why choose WasteWorks?

Reduces unnecessary contact

By integrating with your in-cab systems WasteWorks enables you to close the feedback loop between you, your contractors and your residents, including the ability to stop residents reporting bins as missed while crews are still out on their routes.

Generates savings

Eliminates the administration costs associated with unnecessary contact and diverts residents who are able to use digital channels away from making costly phone calls or sending emails.

Alleviates demand on customer services

Free up time for your customer services teams to focus on residents who need more support or are not able to access the internet. Staff enjoy the same user-friendly experience as residents when making requests or reports on behalf of residents.

Integrates with existing systems

Seamless integration with any and all of your in-cab software, enabling you to share with residents real-time data from your on-the-ground crews. Integrates with payment providers too, to keep all waste contacts under one roof.

Helps you to manage expectations

Improve customer satisfaction with templated responses and automatic updates. Display bespoke, time-sensitive messaging to handle delays, bank holidays or other changes to normal service with ease.

Smart tools for staff

Track service levels and identify trends with internal dashboards and visual heatmaps. Export data to be analysed within any of your other existing software.

Increase in online reporting within 4 months of launching FixMyStreet Pro

“The ability to adjust and tweak customer messaging and templates through the administration area allows us to respond quickly and keep the customers informed as we take them through the process, which helps us drive down those avoidable contacts and queries.”

— Jim Cowan, Waste Services Contract Manager at Bromley Council

LGC Awards 2022 Finalist

An award-shortlisted solution

WasteWorks made the final for the Public/Private Partnership award at the LGC Awards 2022, in recognition of our collaborative work with Bromley Council on the portal and its positive impact.
Here’s what Jonathan Richards, Technical Support Team Manager at Bromley had to say about WasteWorks:

“Direct Debits have increased as a payment method for our residents, from being unavailable in June 2021 to composing of a quarter of all transactions in December 2021 which will greatly reduce time and resource in issuing and processing renewal correspondence. “There has also been a significant drop in customer enquiries for Waste Services as the new WasteWorks module allows for real-time adjustment to the system’s response template wording. Where Bromley identifies enquiries prompted by unclear or confusing information provided back to them we can work to adjust and clarify that messaging, the impact has been a 40% drop in avoidable contacts!”

Built around you

WasteWorks has been designed specifically for local authorities, with a user-centred workflow built with resident and staff needs in mind. We know that no two councils are the same; you have different requirements and work with different contractors to deliver your waste service. That’s why we don’t do cookie cutter installations – instead, we work collaboratively with you to install the solution in a way that’s right for you. Our commitment is to reflect user requirements and take a problem-solving approach to product development. Long after installation, we’ll continue to collaborate with you on your instance of WasteWorks, allowing you to grow with the service.

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