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Carefully and appropriately manage private reporting of noise.

In development

We are currently working with the London Borough of Hackney to develop a secure, purpose-built service for councils to take and manage noise-related reports using features built in tandem with noise officers for their specific needs.

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What is NoiseWorks?

NoiseWorks is a robust, noise-specific case management system, designed to enable councils to safely handle noise complaints and cases.

Simple and efficient for residents

Our user-centred design keeps everything straightforward, helping you to drive channel shift away from emails and phone calls.

Improve accuracy of reports

Help report-makers identify properties accurately by using UPRNs wherever possible, and broader locations on a map where the precise property cannot be confirmed.

Complete control and flexibility

Connect the service up to your other systems, or implement it as a standalone service – the choice is yours.

Smart tools for enforcement officers

Full access to case histories while working ‘on the ground’; filter and view past cases by reporter, perpetrator or address, log actions in real-time and send notifications automatically.

Private reporting and secure hosting

Exclusive to your residents, with full data protection and privacy and no automated decision-making.

Under continual development

Benefit from our continual development roadmap in consultation with clients and users.

In development with Hackney Council.

We’re proud to be co-designing NoiseWorks with the London Borough of Hackney.

Working in consultation with council staff and residents, we’re building a noise-specific reporting system that meets councils’ needs and is simple and efficient for citizens to use.

Follow our progress through regular sprint notes on our blog.

How would NoiseWorks work for you?

Like all of SocietyWorks’ services, we don’t do cut and paste installations, because we know that every council has different requirements.

NoiseWorks is designed to be flexible and fit in around you. If this sounds like the sort of thing you’re looking for, drop us a line and we’ll work together to create the service that best suits you.

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