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Easy, integrated and secure licence processing for councils, including a comprehensive application management system.

Online applications and payments for a variety of residential and business purposes.

Designed with the flexibility to adapt to applications for various different service areas, councils can use ApplyWorks to enable citizens and businesses to apply for, for example, residential dropped kerbs, H-Bar markings, scaffolding or skips, taxi licences, market traders pitches or trading licences at a specific property.

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ApplyWorks can be used on desktop, tablet and your phone

What is ApplyWorks?

ApplyWorks provides a highly usable front-end online workflow for processing citizens’ applications for licences, built to GOV.UK design standards, fully integrated with all line of business systems and equipped with a comprehensive application management system.

    • Online applications and payments, from dropped kerbs and H-bar markings to trading licences, taxi licensing and skip hire.
    • Cloud based hosting with seamless integration with payment providers and CRM systems, such as Confirm, Civica Pay and Worldpay
    • Let citizens and businesses complete detailed and comprehensive applications online, with the ability to upload supporting information and required documentation
    • Allows applicants to log in and review the progress of an application through feedback loops with your integrated CRM or works system(s)
    • Uses geo-location technology and UPRNs to help citizens make accurate place-based applications
    • Adjust messaging with templated responses and in-application prompts to improve communication
    • Customer service workflow to make applications on behalf of citizens and businesses who need to call you
    • Automatically routes applications to the correct team
    • Location based applications/licences with calendars and attendance registers
    • Specialised licensing for complex service areas such as taxi licensing
    • Feature add ons for Market Trader licensing (plots and pitches) such as asset layers for market stall plots, busking areas, or other location based application/licences, Calendars and attendance registers. Expansion of applicant profiles to include location and attendance information
    • Feature add-ons for licensed vehicles (taxis) – adapted profiles to log and monitor vehicles

ApplyWorks' user-friendly, simple workflow

Benefits for councils

Like all products in the SocietyWorks suite, councils using ApplyWorks will benefit from our ever growing roadmap – if you have a licensing need we haven’t provided for we’re open to expanding the product further.

Create savings

Helps councils achieve lower operating costs through channel shift

Improve communication

Two-way information flow closes the feedback loop between council and applicant

Better data

Maintain control and manage applications using a comprehensive application management system

Digital transformation

Facilitates legacy software removal, helps you to go paper-free

Improve application experience

Increase customer satisfaction and council reputation through transparency

Ongoing development roadmap

User-centred, co-designed approach, enabling you to grow with the service

Safe and secure

Secure, cloud-based UK hosting, fully compliant, data protection and privacy

Streamline processes

Avoid rekeying; reports automatically enter workflow through integration

Easy access

Council and applicant can manage and track applications from one place

Government Service Standard

Built to meet the GDS Standard, including WCAG AA accessibility

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