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Manage streets and highways

FixMyStreet Pro: trusted by dozens of councils of all shapes and sizes as the first place for residents to report potholes, fly-tipping and street issues.

Designed with a customer centric focus, FixMyStreet Pro lets citizens be your eyes and ears on the ground.

With highly accurate in-report categorisation, issues are triaged before they even reach you.

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Reduce duplicates

FixMyStreet Pro works hard to minimise duplicates, prompting citizens to subscribe to updates on existing issues rather than re-reporting — keeping them in the loop while saving you time and money through channel shift.

Seamless integration

Integration with council back office systems allows a seamless transfer of real time data. And by fetching updates automatically it gives everyone a 360° view of defects on the path to completion.

Handle seasonal changes such as gritting and leaf fall with ease. Add or remove report categories as your needs evolve.

Built around you

With a continuously improving development roadmap, our commitment is to reflect user needs and requirements on your behalf.

Our discovery programmes have been designed in an agile format to review service areas where improvements for residents and officers are needed.

Why FixMyStreet Pro is so popular with highways departments

Make your assets work for you

Display asset layers like roads and streetlights to citizens, for even more efficient routing of issues.

Flexible categories

Add or remove categories as the need arises, and route each report to the correct team.

Completion photos

Inspectors can upload photos to visually show the citizen how their issue’s been fixed.

Identify problem hotspots

Dashboard heatmaps help you see at a glance which issues are trending where.

Reduce duplicates

Automatically suggest existing nearby reports to citizens, so they don’t double-report the issue.

Call centre reporting

Citizens phoning through reports? No problem. Your customer service team can log issues directly into the system.

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