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FixMyStreet Pro

The fully integrated version of FixMyStreet, the UK's most popular reporting service for citizens.

Integrated, map-based fault reporting for councils, local government bodies and highways agencies.

With a citizen-centric design capable of automatically triaging reports on a nationwide scale.

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What is FixMyStreet Pro?

Building on over 17 years of experience, FixMyStreet Pro is a user-centred, map-based and configurable fault reporting tool for street, highway and environment issues. It integrates directly into any and all of your business systems to create an end-to-end reporting process that’s as smooth and efficient as possible for the report-maker, and for your staff. Based on, launched by our parent charity mySociety in 2007, FixMyStreet Pro is the only reporting solution capable of automatically routing reports to other authorities across the UK.

We work with

Bath and North East Somerset Council

Sutton Council
Bristol City Council
Bromley Borough Council
Buckinghamshire Council
Camden Council
Central Bedfordshire Council
Cheshire East Council
Greenwich Borough Council
Hackney Council
Hounslow Borough Council
Isle of Wight Council
Lincolnshire County Council
Merton Council
National Highways
Oxfordshire County Council
Peabody Logo
Peterborough City Council
Rutland County Council
Shropshire Council

Transport for London
West Northamptonshire Council
City of Westminster
Northumberland Logo
Gloucestershire County Council
West Northamptonshire Council
North Northamptonshire Council

Why choose FixMyStreet Pro?

Now trusted by over 30 councils and other public authorities, including highways agencies and housing associations, FixMyStreet Pro is a tried-and-tested solution, built upon nearly 2 decades of experience making reporting public realm issues as simple and effective as possible.

Reduces duplication and manual intervention

Display scheduled works on the map and suggest existing nearby reports to citizens so they don’t double report an issue. Plus, let people subscribe to existing reports, with no extra work for you.

Generates savings

Drive down the costs associated with inefficient reporting processes by removing duplicate reporting, avoidable contact and the causes of failure demand.

Integrates with existing systems

Seamless integration into your existing backend asset and CRM systems to eliminate manual processes and improve the flow of data between council, citizen and external contractors.

Closes the feedback loop

Avoid costly follow up calls or emails and improve customer satisfaction through automated status updates and transparent response templates. Pull data to and from your backend asset and CRM systems to keep report-makers informed.

Report triaging and diversion

Automatically triage reports to local parish and town councils while still keeping the feedback loop closed. Divert reports outside of your responsibility to other authorities, including to National Highways and Transport for London.

Smart tools for staff

Manage and assign reports to inspectors from within the admin dashboard. Extract report data by ward, status, category and date. Track service levels and identify trends with internal dashboards and visual heatmaps.

Case studies

Buckinghamshire Council

Learn about how Buckinghamshire used FixMyStreet Pro to improve the customer experience and create incredible efficiencies.

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Central Bedfordshire Council

Read about how FixMyStreet Pro helped Central Bedfordshire to rapidly increase online reporting and close the feedback loop.

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Gloucestershire County Council logo

Discover how quickly FixMyStreet Pro affected positive and sustainable service transformation for Gloucestershire.

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Bromley Borough Council

Bromley has been using FixMyStreet Pro for over a decade now. Explore the transformative impact the service has had during that time.

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“We chose FixMyStreet Pro because it was the most user friendly street cleaning platform on the market. It takes away the stress of knowing who to contact at the council about issues we know our residents really care about.”

— Cllr Catherine Rose, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks, Streets & Clean Air, Southwark Council

Why citizens love FixMyStreet Pro

From potholes and fly-tipping to dog fouling and broken street lights, FixMyStreet Pro makes it as easy as possible for citizens to report street, highway and environment issues without any prior knowledge of who is responsible for what issue.

User friendly interface

No knowledge of council boundaries or responsibilities required and no long forms to complete. Just simple, intuitive and efficient service, with the option to find your location automatically via GPS for on-the-go reporting.

Progressive web app

FixMyStreet Pro is a progressive web app, which means it can be used as a normal web service or downloaded to mobile devices to be used as an app – with no obligation either way. Everyone enjoys the same user experience however they choose to use it.

A more transparent service

Citizens are kept informed about their reports via updates sent by email or text, helping to increase satisfaction, build trust and encourage continued proactive citizenship.

Offline reporting

Particularly useful for those living in more rural areas, reports can be drafted even while offline, and submitted later once connected to the internet again.

Creates a snapshot of a community

With all reports and their assigned statuses displayed on the map, FixMyStreet Pro facilitates an open and community-centric approach to fault reporting. Citizens can subscribe to other people’s reports to stay informed of their progress.

Accessible to all

We believe that anyone should be able to report problems and actively participate in their community. So like all of SocietyWorks’ solutions, FixMyStreet Pro is WCAG 2.2 AA compliant.

“FixMyStreet Pro has saved us money and time, and improved our customer engagement. The cost of an email about a report is £7.12, while the cost of using FixMyStreet Pro is 9p. We love this system and so do our customers.”

— Tracy Eaton, Customer Experience Account Manager, Buckinghamshire Council

Built around you

FixMyStreet Pro can be used by a variety of public authorities, from councils to highways agencies to housing associations. We know that our clients have different needs, which is why we work collaboratively with you to install the solution in a way that’s right for you. Our commitment is to reflect user requirements and take a problem-solving approach to product development. Long after installation, we’ll continue to collaborate with you on your instance of FixMyStreet Pro, allowing you to grow with the service.

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