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FixMyStreet Pro

The fully integrated version of FixMyStreet, the UK's most popular reporting service for citizens.

Integrated, map-based fault reporting for councils, local government bodies and highways agencies

With a citizen-centric design that automatically triages reports on a nationwide scale.

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What is FixMyStreet Pro?

Building on 15+ years of experience, FixMyStreet Pro is a user-centred and configurable fault reporting tool for street, highway and environment issues.

Based on, launched by our parent charity mySociety in 2007, FixMyStreet Pro is the only reporting solution capable of automatically routing reports to other authorities across the UK.

Why FixMyStreet Pro is so popular with councils

From potholes and fly-tipping to dog fouling and broken street lights, FixMyStreet Pro makes handling street and environment issues much easier thanks to its handy inspector tools and intelligent integration with all lines of business systems.

Reduce duplicates and manual intervention

Suggest existing nearby reports to citizens on the map so they don’t double report the issue. Let them subscribe to existing issues, with no extra work for you.

Avoid unnecessary contact

Automatically divert irrelevant reports to the correct council or authority, including National Highways and Transport for London.

Close the feedback loop

Avoid costly follow up calls and improve customer satisfaction by implementing automated updates. Inspectors can even upload photos to visually show the citizen how their issue’s been fixed.

Intelligent integration

Seamless integration into any and all case management systems to eliminate manual processes and improve the flow of data. You might even be able to get rid of some of your current legacy software.

Guaranteed channel shift

Move your residents away from expensive telephone calls and emails with a digital front door to reporting that anyone can use. Help your team go paper-free, too.

Smart tools for staff

Extract report data by ward, status, category and date. Track service levels and identify trends with internal dashboards and visual heatmaps.

“FixMyStreet Pro has saved us money and time, and improved our customer engagement. The cost of an email about a report is £7.12, while the cost of using FixMyStreet Pro is 9p. We love this system and so do our customers.”

— Tracy Eaton, Customer Experience Account Manager, Buckinghamshire Council

Why residents love FixMyStreet Pro

All the benefits of’s focus on usability, integrated directly into any and all of your management systems to create an end-to-end reporting process that’s as smooth as possible for the report-maker, and for council staff.

User friendly-interface

With highly accurate map selection that detects for the citizen where the report needs to go.

Accessible on any device

Works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, or use our mobile apps for iOS and Android. Meets W3C Web Accessibility Standards.

Receive automatic report updates

Citizens can follow the defect on the path to completion, building trust in their local council.

Subscribe to existing reports

An open and transparent approach to issue reporting with the option to subscribe to other people’s reports.

Quick and easy

No searching high and low for where to make a report and no long forms to fill in. Just simple, intuitive and efficient service.

Everything in one place

View all reports in one neat and tidy place. If you have another SocietyWorks service, reports made via that will be visible too.

Built around you

With a continuously improving development roadmap, our commitment is to reflect user needs and requirements on your behalf. Let us shoulder the responsibility for keeping your street and highways reporting service up to date and up to scratch.

First, we’ll work together to install the service that’s going to transform the way you handle streets and highways from now on, for you and for your residents.

Long after installation, we’ll continue to collaborate with you on your instance of FixMyStreet Pro, allowing you to grow with the service.

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