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Parks, trees and green spaces

FixMyStreet Pro effortlessly handles reports on parks, trees and green spaces.

Responsively display your fixed assets like trees, benches or bins only when relevant, with reports fed directly into your existing asset management systems.

Show your assets

We’ll import your assets and display them as a layer on the map, so citizens reporting trees, bins and street furniture can choose the correct location with precision.

Reduce contact costs

Keep citizens informed by integrating information such as grass-cutting schedules and verge maintenance — so there’s no need for enquiries.

No streets required

No need for a postcode or street name to identify a report’s location: with GPS and accurate mapping, it’s equally effective in parkland as in urban areas. And with its offline capability, you can even update reports from areas with no or poor connectivity.

Public Rights of Way

Mark rights of way on the map, allowing for reports of blocked access or overgrown paths.

Now with extra tools for managing Tree Preservation Orders

Save the trees

Provide an easy interface for citizens to request, or add their support to Tree Preservation Orders, with trees marked accurately on the map to ensure the correct one is identified. Build up a picture of which trees are valued in your communities, and optionally allow new trees to be requested.

Triage emergency reports

Fallen tree or dangerous hanging branch? Let citizens know they need to inform you by phone — or direct reports to an emergency contact so they can be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

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