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Streamline your process: put SocietyWorks services at the centre of your customer service system, whether that's highways, noise, bins or a suite of other key provisions

In each area, we bring everything together into one smooth journey from customer service, through inspection to instruction… and resolution.

For over a decade, our user-centric design has provided UK citizens with an easy, intuitive way to engage with their local authorities.

That same focus on usability has also been applied to our suite of SocietyWorks services for council staff, providing a smooth experience that works in tandem with your existing systems. The result? Happy citizens; happy councils.

Manage streets and highways

Trusted by dozens of councils of all shapes and sizes as the first place for residents to report potholes, fly-tipping and street issues. Discover FixMyStreet Pro.

Handle noise and social issues

Carefully and appropriately manage private reporting of noise, anti-social and other nuisance issues. Learn about our noise reporting service.

Licence applications made easy

Provide a simple online interface for residents to apply for dropped kerbs, scaffolding and other licences. Create efficiencies and avoid re-keying of information through integration with back office systems. See more.

Bins, waste and all that rubbish

Let residents self-serve missed bin reports, new container orders, paid-for collections and bin day checks. Find out what we’re doing around bins and waste.

Parks, trees and green spaces

FixMyStreet Pro works for open spaces too, with accurate location reporting and inspection tools — and the ability to add trees as an asset layer. Trees and green spaces management starts here.

Insurance claims taken care of

Discourage invalid claims and facilitate valid ones, with automatic online triage of applications. Ensure this information seamlessly reaches your back office systems through integration. See what we’re doing with insurance.

Discovery programmes

Not sure how best to design your online services? We’ll guide you through a discovery process, based on our years of experience in delivering public service websites. Learn how to make the right decisions to deliver a high quality experience for your citizens and staff. Start here.

Estate and grounds repairs and maintenance

We’ve taken the smart reporting interface of FixMyStreet Pro and adapted it to create a better self-service experience for repairs and housing issues. Learn how it works.

Improve your response to FOI

Built on a decade of experience in making FOI simple and easy for citizens, our service helps authorities handle FOI and SAR requests efficiently and effectively. Read about our FOI Works service.

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