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Disclosure logs: a best practice guide for local authorities

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Having and maintaining a disclosure log is defined by the The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as being good practice for principal local authorities specifically.

There are numerous reasons for this, but the main one is because they make it much easier for citizens to access information that is already available. This, in turn, saves local authorities time and effort spent on responding to duplicate Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, or requests of which the desired information has already been published elsewhere. 

However, use of disclosure logs by local authorities is inconsistent. There is a distinct lack of established sector-wide process, technology is rarely designed to meet the needs of information officers or FOI requesters, and there is a huge disparity in inter-authority knowledge sharing and training.

Disclosure logs: a best practice guide for local authorities seeks to explain what disclosure logs are, how to manage them efficiently and why, although they are not a legal requirement, local authorities should seriously consider using one for the benefit of your FOI teams and, more importantly, for citizens.

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Plus, a case study about Hackney Council and how it achieved a 15% reduction in request volume from citizens through improved access to readily available information.

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