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FixMyStreet Pro plans and pricing

FixMyStreet Pro is provided as a cloud-hosted, managed and maintained service


£15,000 per year

The essential FixMyStreet Pro service, branded to look like your website, with useful tools to help you manage, moderate, shortlist and respond to reports – ideal for service areas transitioning to a paper free process.


£30,000 per year

Advanced featured FixMyStreet Pro service, with unlimited users, training, and 1 integration. Perfect for councils that may want to freshen up their front end reporting and push all reports through a central CRM.


£46,000 per year

The complete end-to-end FixMyStreet Pro service, designed for councils committed to changing their relationship with citizens. The Premium plan creates efficiencies for officers through integration with up to 2 systems, such as Alloy, Bartec, Confirm or Symology. Premium also allows you to display up to 10 asset layers on the map to further increase report accuracy and create savings by reducing duplication.

Premium Plus

£62,000 per year

Premium Plus brings all of the benefits of the Premium package, with up to 3 integrations with line of business systems and up to 10 asset layers.
To ensure you get the best out of FixMyStreet Pro the Premium Plus package includes a Business Readiness Evaluation. Delivered by our Product & Service Design Experts, we provide a collaborative approach to scope out a service that works for the council and its residents.

Tailored plans and pricing

Building on over 15 years’ experience of developing FixMyStreet in conjunction with our local authority clients, we have a strong understanding of what is and isn’t needed by councils of all shapes and sizes when it comes to citizen-facing reporting software for street, highways and environmental issues.

As a result, we are in a position to offer tailored plans and pricing for FixMyStreet Pro to suit the needs of different types of organisations while keeping costs to a minimum.

FixMyStreet Pro

District Councils

‘Essential’ plan
Population <100,000
£5,000 per year

‘Essential’ plan
Population >100,000
£7,000 per year

Add 1 integration into a line of business system

+£18,750 per year

FixMyStreet Pro

Housing Associations

‘Essential’ plan
Bespoke set-up
£15,000 per year

‘Advanced’ plan
£23,750 per year
Stand alone system with no CRM integration. Up to 10 Asset layers

‘Premium’ plan
£30,000 per year
1 integration and up to 10 Asset layers

FixMyStreet Pro

Unitary, Metropolitan District and County Councils

Population under 100,000

‘Essential’ plan
£15,000 per year
No integrations, no Asset Data

‘Advanced’ plan
£25,000 per year
1 integration, no Asset Data

‘Premium’ plan
£36,000 per year
1 integration, up to 10 Asset Layers

Please note: For clients on standard Premium or Premium Plus packages who set up and run their own Open311 integration, a cost reduction of £18,750 per annum will be applied to the fees quoted.

Our prices include

YesSecond line support

Customers are invited to regular user groups for best practice knowledge sharing and continual product development.

Compare standard plans

Compare the features and functionality of our standard plans below. For a detailed breakdown of a tailored plan, please get in touch.

FixMyStreet Pro headline features
Features Essential Advanced Premium Premium Plus
Price per yearContracts renewed years 5 onwards subject to 15% discount £15,000 £30,000 £46,000 £62,000
Achieve channel shift: FixMyStreet with your council’s domain and branding Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully synchronised reporting across your own domain, the FixMyStreet app and Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training Online training Online training Online training Online training
Signpost reports directly to National Highways and other authorities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration with back office systems: Alloy, Azure Active Directory B2C, Bartec, Confirm, Echo, Exor, Ezytreev, Mayrise, MS Dynamics,, Salesforce, Street Manager, Symology, WDM None 1 integration Up to 2 integrations(with completion photo via API) Up to 3 integrations(with completion photo via API)
Reduce duplication by highlighting existing reports to citizens No Yes Yes Yes
Display asset layers (such as street lights, bins, UPRNs) on map No No Yes Yes
Business readiness evaluation No No No Yes

Features for citizens

Meets government accessibility requirements Yes Yes Yes Yes
Citizen-focused categories and language Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keep citizens updated on progress and completion with emails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sign up for alerts on already reported issues Yes Yes Yes Yes
Simple and intuitive location finder to make accurately-placed reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Let citizens upload photos of an issue for more detailed reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optionally allow citizens to send further updates and comments on existing reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optionally allow citizens to reopen their own reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account dashboard to review all reports that they’ve made Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allow citizens to report without creating an account if preferred (verify via email) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prompt citizens about existing reports near theirs, to improve duplicate reporting rates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optionally allow citizens to report anonymously Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keep citizens updated on progress and completion with text via GOV.UK Notify Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single sign-on integration (eg ‘My Council’ dashboard) No No Yes Yes

Features for administrators

Analyse and export management information reports via admin dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choice of Ordnance Survey or OpenStreetMap tiles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Simple role management – quickly assign custom sets of permissions in response to staff changes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assign or reassign reports to inspectors from within the case management dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to create email templates per category and status Yes Yes Yes Yes
Two factor authentication (2FA) for added security measures Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to add different help text to each category Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disable reporting on emergency categories where you need the citizen to call Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optionally provide your councillors with access to your dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live heatmap reporting to understand category, seasonal and area-based trends Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single sign-on integration for staff accounts (eg Active Directory) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Street Manager planned works integration No Yes Yes Yes
Provide your own data to be used as an asset layer on the map (eg street lights, adopted roads, parks, bins and drains) No No Yes Yes
Use of your own custom map tiles No No Yes Yes
Use your own custom geocoder for local terminology road name searches No No Yes Yes
Use selected asset ID to determine which authority to send reports to No No Yes Yes

Features for customer service teams

To help with channel shift, call centre agents can report/edit reports on the customer’s behalf Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add other citizens to existing reports to receive email updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to moderate reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to close duplicate reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional private categories available to the call centre only Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prevent reports on unadopted roads No No Yes Yes

Features for front-line inspectors

Reduce use of paper notes by letting inspectors build their own shortlists of reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inspectors can access and work through shortlisted reports without internet access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inspectors can add photos showing the job is completed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to re-categorise and re-route reports to other teams after inspection Yes Yes Yes Yes

The first annual invoice will be issued on commencement of the contract; subsequent invoices on the anniversary of the contract start date.

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