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Service Level Agreement

SocietyWorks Contact

SocietyWorks will designate a point of contact for support and provide the customer with the details.

Maintenance Windows

Any maintenance conducted by SocietyWorks that would result in the non-availability of the website shall be conducted outside of business hours.

Except for emergency maintenance (see below), SocietyWorks will give notice to the customer at least 48 hours prior to any proposed system maintenance that would result in the non-availability of the website, which shall normally be expected to take no more than three  hours to perform.

If more than three hours is required to perform non-emergency maintenance, SocietyWorks will provide five working days’ notice, subject to the customer’s consent (not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed).

SocietyWorks may carry out emergency maintenance at any time and without prior notice to the customer, but SocietyWorks shall use its best efforts to notify the customer of the emergency maintenance as soon as possible. For the purposes of agreement, “emergency maintenance” is maintenance that SocietyWorks believes must be carried out without giving the usual notice to the customer in order to avoid the non-availability or insecure operation of the website or if failure to do so would put SocietyWorks in breach of the law or an order of a court of competent jurisdiction.

Severity Levels

Staff are trained to provide first line support to residents. SocietyWorks provides second line support to the client directly to address technical faults and staff support.

Support requests will be sorted into two Severity Levels:

  1. Critical: requests for errors resulting in non-availability of the service, e.g. the URL returns an HTTP error code 500.
  2. Non-Critical: minor bugs that do not substantially affect the service, or feature/ content adjustment requests. 

The following matrix represents the timeframes within which SocietyWorks will act in response to support requests of the two levels of severity. Hours refer to Business Hours 9am-5pm, and Days refer to Working Days within England and Wales. SocietyWorks will be shut for two weeks over the Christmas period.

Severity Level:
Severity Level:
Response time 4 hours 4 hours
Commencement of resolution 1 day Bugs: 2 days

Feature requests: to be mutually agreed

Problem resolved 3 days Bugs: 5 days

Feature requests: to be mutually agreed


SocietyWorks is only required to respond to support requests during business hours. If the customer requires a response or a resolution to be actioned outside of business hours it will need to enter into a separate service level agreement either with SocietyWorks or a third party.

If you’d like any further information about our Service Level Agreement, you can contact us here.