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Integrations, assets and data

Our solutions integrate with your existing systems to facilitate interoperability and provide the most intuitive user experience.

Close the feedback loop, streamline workflows and make maximum use of your available data.

Each of our frontend solutions is built with interoperability in mind. We will integrate with whatever combination of systems you require to bridge gaps between your different service areas and enable a two-way flow of data between you, your contractors and citizens.

Benefits of integration

We know that local authorities and other public sector organisations use a variety of different systems and software. Our solutions have been designed to plug directly into your current line of business systems and connect everything together to make things easier for citizens and for your staff.

Close the feedback loop

Automatically share data to and from your asset, CMS, CRM and in-cab systems to keep citizens informed on the outcome of their reports, requests and applications.

Synchronise your data

Sync up all of your systems and software. Changes made in one system are automatically updated and reflected directly in the other.

Maintain consistency

No matter what combination of systems you are using behind the scenes, keep everything the same on the frontend for citizens.

Increase accuracy

Display detailed information such as assets on a map for citizens to help ensure they give you all of the information you need and avoid failure demand.

Text or email reminders

Let citizens choose to receive text or email updates and reminders sent to them about their report or request via integration with services such as GOV.UK Notify.

Take payments online

Maximise income while you minimise customer contact costs by allowing citizens to pay for subscriptions to services such as bulky or green waste online.

Efficient workflows

Free up administration time for your customer-facing teams to spend with citizens who need extra support by reducing unnecessary contact and eliminating manual intervention.

Transform processes

Get more value out of your existing systems and the data they provide. Or you might even be able to remove some legacy software that’s not working for you anymore.

How integrations work

Generally, integrations with SocietyWorks’ solutions are facilitated via an API provided by the system with which you want to integrate. The API acts as a bridge between your SocietyWorks solution and the other system, enabling data to be shared between the two. If an API is not readily available, some additional work may be required.

We have over a decade of experience in setting up integrations between our citizen-centric solutions and other software used by local and public authorities. Our team will be on-hand to help you scope out what is required and support you throughout the process.

Standard Integrations

Brightly Confirm
Causeway Alloy
KaarbonTech Asset Management
Street Manager
One Network
DWF EvoClaim
Microsoft Dynamics
Pay360 by Capita
Selected Interventions Echo
ESRI ArcGIS Notify
Continental Landscapes

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