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Minimise customer contact costs

Dramatically lower the cost of each customer contact with a self-service experience that residents understand intuitively.

SocietyWorks services slot right into your customer contact centre with no trouble at all. 

Take FixMyStreet Pro: With no restrictions on the number of users, you can be sure that all of your staff can make use of the powerful management and control features. Permissions are fine grained as well, so you can decide exactly what each of your team members can see and do.

Customer contact staff can log straight into your custom branded version of FixMyStreet to keep track of each query as it comes in. 

Read about how Bucks have used this channel shift, moving reports from phone and email to online can save from £5 to £10 per customer contact.

Increase efficiency

Each report is automatically sent to the correct person, team, authority or contractor, based on location, category and priority; and with automatic responses set up in most cases the contact centre won’t ever need to get involved. 

When they do need to intervene tools at their disposal include moderation of reports and the ability to report on behalf of a resident if they call in or email with a report – they can then make reports as ‘the council’ or as the resident themselves, transferring any further contact to online, removing the need for call backs.

Our end to end solution means your frontline inspection staff are taken care of as well.