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Simplify your case management

Use our simple case management tools as a standalone service — or we can plug it directly into your existing systems

If you’ve already invested time and money into a CRM system like MS Dynamics or Salesforce, you’ll be glad to know that our services can work seamlessly with it.

FixMyStreet Pro and WasteWorks, for example, make it so easy to ensure that reports are raised and sent to the correct team without any intervention that in most cases you’ll never need to manage individual jobs – so much happens automatically.

But when you do need to intervene and provide additional detail or resolve a more difficult issue, then everything is available to your contact, inspection and frontline staff members on the devices they normally use.

“FixMyStreet Pro enables officers to access reports as and when needed, while out and about as well as in offices or depots. This means that we can respond to reports quicker, and using the right resources.”

— James Green, Service Designer, B&NES Council

Joined-up services

We can synchronise all of your information on reports across multiple services and line of business systems, giving a complete, accurate and up to date picture of every job – changes made in one system are automatically updated and reflected directly in the other.

Or if you prefer, we can do all of this in the background, ensuring your existing CRM service is where your staff keep track of what’s going on.

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