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Case management and customer contact

Smart technology for managing contact from and interaction with citizens.

Intuitive and easy-to-use features for your staff.

Our solutions have all been designed in collaboration with the people who use them – and that includes your customer services and inspection teams.

Customer contact made easy

Your customer services teams can use our solutions to create reports, requests or applications on behalf of citizens who can’t use digital channels.

Consistent user experience

Customer services teams enjoy the same user experience as everyone else when acting on behalf of citizens who require more support or cannot access digital channels.


We know that there will be some instances whereby information shared by citizens needs to be moderated by you – this can be done easily from within the dashboard.

Private categories

Make certain categories available only to your staff users for handling emergency issues or more sensitive reports.

Emergency messaging

Display messaging within your solution’s workflow to help manage expectations, explain out of hours proceedures and divert genuine emergencies.

“The ability to adjust and tweak customer messaging and templates through the administration area allows us to respond quickly and keep the customers informed as we take them through the process, which helps us drive down those avoidable contacts and queries.”

— Jim Cowan, Waste Services Contract Manager at Bromley Council

Intelligent case management tools

Especially useful for smaller councils or public bodies who don’t have a case management system of their own.

View, filter and export

Access and analyse all the data stored within your SocietyWorks solution, or export it to be analysed within another system. Identify trends via a live heat map, too.

Inspector assignment

Assign or reassign reports to your inspectors from within the administration dashboard. Reports can be self-assigned too, if you prefer.


Reports can be re-categorised and re-routed to other teams after inspection whenever necessary.

Offline functionality

Give your on-the-ground teams the ability to access and work through shortlisted reports even without internet access.

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