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Accessible services

Accessibility comes built in as standard across all of our solutions.

Our digital solutions are WCAG 2.2 AA compliant.

SocietyWorks’ solutions have been developed with one overriding priority: to make them as simple to use as possible for everyone who needs to use them.

Being suppliers of digital solutions for the public sector we have a responsibility to ensure our tools and solutions are accessible to the broadest audiences possible.

Our process is heavily influenced by the GOV.UK Service Manual, and we are proud to be WCAG 2.2 AA compliant. This means we adhere to all key standards for accessibility, as promoted by disability advocacy groups and recommended by the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative. As the latter states, accessibility benefits all users.

Font and page size

Built on an HTML framework and fully responsive, all pages automatically resize when viewed on screens of differing sizes, such as mobile or tablet devices.

Users may also easily enlarge fonts and display size by using their browser controls, or standard keyboard commands.

Screen readers

Screen readers translate pages into plain text to be read aloud or translated into Braille.
Text links are descriptive, clutter is kept to a minimum, and content is arranged under clear heading hierarchies — all features which make pages easier for users of screen readers and text-to-voice software.

We take every step to ensure that interactive elements are well described for screen readers, and we test key user journeys using screen readers to spot any issues.

With FixMyStreet Pro, for example, the in-report map can be panned using the keyboard, or screen readers are able to skip the “click the map” step completely.


We ensure that all our text follows the contrast levels required by WCAG 2.2 level AA. Users may also use their own browser commands or plug-ins to alter the font and colours to suit their own needs.

Simplicity of use

Users are guided through every process in very simple steps, each of which requires only basic knowledge of internet/computer use.

Clicks are kept to a minimum, forms ask for no more detail than required and the user journey is highly intuitive.

We encourage the use of accessible language and using the local names for things where appropriate, and we try to support a ‘one step at a time’ approach to each workflow as far as possible.


JavaScript is a useful component that drives interactive elements on webpages, such as dragging and clicking on a map within FixMyStreet. However, some working environments disable JavaScript (some individuals prefer to do so too), and it can sometimes be problematic for those on very poor internet connections.

FixMyStreet still works with JavaScript disabled; the map is still pannable, zoomable, and clickable, and reports can still be made.

Regularly tested

All our services are regularly tested via Codesniffer for speed and accessibility compliance.

Accessibility-specific controls

Many sites place a toolbar at the top of their site’s pages, allowing users to change features such as the size of fonts, level of contrast, etc.

We have decided not to go down this route for our services because much of this functionality is already provided via standard web browsers.

We think that users will prefer to set internet-wide alterations that will apply to every website, rather than getting to grips with slightly differing controls and having to set preferences on every site they visit.

Additionally, keeping a clean interface is an important consideration for those users who find cluttered pages difficult to process.

Accessibility audits

Knowing that no two councils or public authorities are the same, we build our digital solutions to be flexible enough to adapt to each of our clients’ individual needs. This means that while our digital solutions are definitely WCAG 2.2 AA compliant, the other systems with which we need to integrate or branding we need to apply may not be.

For this reason we would always encourage our clients to commission an accessibility audit with a reputable auditor to ensure that everything is working as it should for everyone who needs to use the service. We can provide recommendations for reputable auditors on request.


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