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Meet the board

We’re very grateful to our board members, who give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. Find out more about each board member below.

Not forgetting our past board members…

As well as the active members listed above, we’d also like to thank those who have generously given up time to serve on our boards previously: Jonathan Flowers, Cam Ross, Francis Mainoo, Anno Mitchell, Amandeep Rehlon, James Cronin, Owen Blacker, Mike Bracken, Tim Hunt, Etienne Pollard, Mark Cridge and Tom Steinberg.

In memory of Francis Mainoo

Francis Mainoo

Francis Mainoo

Non-Executive Director, SocietyWorks

We would like to acknowledge the contribution to SocietyWorks of Francis Mainoo, who sat on our board of directors as Non-Executive Director from July 2022 until his unexpected death in October 2023.

Francis was a kind, generous and immensely valued member of the board. He was a big believer that we can be a more productive, happier and connected society if we engage – provided we have the right tools to engage with. For Francis, technology such as that built by SocietyWorks and our parent charity mySociety is essential, benefitting citizens by making them better connected and fulfilled, as the issues directly affecting them are addressed.

Francis’ death is a huge loss, not just to us, but to the many other people and organisations he worked with to help them grow and succeed in making the world a better place. We miss his good humour, his valued input and his strong leadership. We are grateful for the time we were able to work with Francis, and we will keep him in our thoughts as we strive to achieve the goals he believed in so passionately.