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About us

Our digital services bring councils and citizens closer together.

SocietyWorks is a subsidiary of the charity mySociety. For nearly twenty years, mySociety has been pioneering the use of online technologies to empower citizens to be more active within their community.

Our story starts with FixMyStreet, the UK’s first (and most popular) nationwide street problem reporting website, launched by mySociety back in 2007. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive way of taking all the hard work out of reporting a problem to the council (which council to report to, where to make the report and what information to include, to name just a few obstacles report-makers face) made FixMyStreet a hit with citizens. And so, as the service’s popularity grew, mySociety developed a fully-integrated version of it especially for councils.

FixMyStreet Pro (or FixMyStreet for Councils, as it was known to begin with), has all the benefits of FixMyStreet’s focus on usability, and is a robust, economical, cloud-based option. Since launching, FixMyStreet Pro has helped dozens of UK councils to improve the way they receive and manage street and highways reports, making the experience better for both citizens and council staff by increasing transparency and closing the feedback loop, while also creating incredible savings thanks to intelligent system integration.

Because FixMyStreet Pro is developed in consultation with councils – and because councils love using the service – conversations started happening about what other outward-facing technologies mySociety could build to help strengthen the connection between council and citizen.

And that’s how SocietyWorks came to be.

A small team of mySociety’s staff formed a commercial unit entirely dedicated to providing expertise to local government and the public sector. We called ourselves SocietyWorks because, well, that’s what we’re striving to make happen.

Today, as well as FixMyStreet Pro, our complete suite of local authority services comprises everything from waste management and noise reporting to Freedom of Information requests and licencing applications. We take pride in designing accessible, responsive and reliable services for councils, all of which make it easy for citizens to make reports, file requests and generally be a switched-on, engaged member of the community.

Although we’re known as SocietyWorks, our connection to mySociety remains as strong as ever: we’re proud to reinvest our profits back into the charity to fund technology, research and data that is used by individual citizens, journalists, and civil society across the world, openly and for free.