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SocietyWorks welcomes two new board members

We are delighted to have appointed two new members to our board of directors: Anna Scott and Alastair Tibbitt.

Both Anna and Alastair join us as non-executive directors, each bringing a wealth of experience and insight that will help us to ensure we are providing the highest level of support to our public sector clients. 

Anna and Alastair have also taken seats as trustees on the board of our parent charity mySociety.

Meet Anna

Anna Scott

Anna is a content, brand and User Centred Design specialist with a background in data and human rights. She directed content and brand strategy at Open Data Institute, 360Giving and clients across data ethics and civic tech, and cut her teeth as a Guardian journalist.

Anna currently designs digital public services as a Senior Content Designer at Defra. She has a Masters in Human Rights from UCL. Outside work, Anna spends time chasing her toddler around and working on an electronic music project.

Meet Alastair

Alastair is a journalist and digital audience specialist with decades of experience in digital media and developing new models for public interest news.

Alastair currently works at The Conversation, and has previously worked with broadcaster STV, along with a number of other non-profit news projects. He is a founding co-director of Scottish investigative journalism co-operative, The Ferret. He also provides training and mentoring to journalists and campaigners on how to make the most of their information rights.

As a not-for-profit organisation wholly owned by a charity, our board members give their time and expertise voluntarily. We’re grateful to each of them for their guidance. Get to know the rest of our board or get in touch to ask us a question

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