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New functionality: roles for staff users

We’ve now introduced Roles to FixMyStreet Pro — the ability to create a group of specific permissions which can then be applied to one or more users without having to assign them individually.

For councils, one of the great advantages of FixMyStreet Pro has always been the ability to assign permissions to staff at a very granular level: each staff member can be given a pick and mix range of permissions depending on precisely what they need to be able to do, from moderating a report to updating its status, etc.

However, much as this option can be useful, we also recognise that if you have several staff members who all have precisely the same range of responsibilities, it’s a bit of a hassle to go in and set the permissions for each one — especially when you’re first setting up, and are likely to be adding lots of staff at one time. Now you can have your roles set up, give them names that makes sense to you, and assign as many users to them at once as you like.

Once a role has been created, it’ll always be there so that if staff move on or new people come on board, you can still assign them exactly the same group of permissions. And of course, you can go in and tweak the list of permissions at any time if your organisation’s structure changes, or you just want to refine the set-up a bit.

Let us know how you find this new feature! And of course we are always keen to hear of any other improvements you think would be useful, to any part of FixMyStreet Pro.

Picking which permissions a role can have

The role with its permissions listed

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